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Articles About Internet Radio

How Internet Radio Works

Internet radio has been around since the late 1990s. Traditional radio broadcasters have used the Internet to simulcast their programming. But, Internet radio is undergoing a revolution that will expand its reach from your desktop computer to access broadcasts anywhere, anytime — and expand its programming from traditional broadcasters to individuals, organizations and government.

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Internet radio leaves no wish unfulfilled

It can be overwhelming trying to pick songs from more than 16 million choices waiting online. Far easier, some say, is to opt for internet radio and let others put together the right mix. Internet radio has something for everyone. There are stations and streams from every part of the world, with multiple programmes and a wide variety of music. "You can get web radio easily via your internet browser, with your PC, a stationary wi-fi radio or all mobile end devices like smartphones and tablets," explains Bernhard Bahners of the net radio platform

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Quality of Internet Radio

From 2000 onwards, most Internet Radio Stations increased their stream quality as bandwidth became more economical. Today, most stations stream between 64 kbit/s and 128 kbit/s providing near CD quality audio.

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